Funko POP Comics Cover Star Trek Spock (06)

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    The Funko POP! vinyl figure stands around 9 cm tall. Packed in an illustrated window box.

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    The Funko POP! Comics Cover Star Trek Spock (06) is a collectible that brings the beloved science officer from the iconic "Star Trek" series into the Funko universe. This item stands out for several reasons:

    Key Features:

    Unique Comic Cover Design: The figure is posed against the backdrop of the cover art from the #1 issue of the "Star Trek" comic books, giving it a distinct and creative look.

    Vinyl Material and Size: Made from vinyl, the figure is approximately 3.85-inches tall. The size and material make it a durable and display-worthy piece.

    Science Officer Spock: It features Spock, the iconic science officer, in his classic uniform, holding a vial, capturing his essence from the "Star Trek" series.

    Protective Case: The entire piece comes with a protective case, with dimensions around 7”W x 10.75”H x 3.25”D, ensuring the figure is well-preserved while being displayed.

    Ideal for Fans and Collectors: This figure is perfect for "Star Trek" enthusiasts and Funko POP! collectors, adding a unique twist to any collection with its comic cover theme.

    This exclusive piece is a must-have for those looking to celebrate their love for "Star Trek" and its timeless characters in a fun and unique way

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