Protectors & Storage

Keep your card game collection in top condition with our premium protectors and storage solutions – essential for every player!


Gamegenic Soft Sleeves - Clear (100 Sleeves)

  • Enhanced clarity for viewing
  • Ensure your cards' value with long-term, secure storage
  • Shield against bending, scratches, and damage on your TCG cards
  • Sleeve dimensions: 67 x 94 mm, acid-free & PVC-free
  • A pack of 100 pieces, ideal for cards including Pokémon and Magic The Gathering.

    Funko Pop Premium Pop Protector Case (01)


    Stands 3/4 inches tall. A two-piece (top and bottom) shell case that easily snaps on and off. The official and only authorized Funko POP Protector made of high-quality polycarbonate material that will safeguard your POP Toy collectibles.