We wanted to inform our customers and followers of current updates and changes. This is the first post we write to you, and we will continue to give you updates in the future.


We constantly update our categories with new franchises and loads of new items. So our advice is to check regularly, so you don’t miss out on these things you love (and we love). We update our stock weekly, we make sure that all products have a full and unique description, and we make them available in 4 languages (English, French, German, and Dutch). We started with only a few categories and not many products. At this point in time, we have a lot more stuff to offer from: Marvel, DC, TMNT, Sports, Manga, Jurassic Park, Gaming universes, Plushies, Keychains, and much more. 

Upcoming Stock:

As said in the previous topic, we do our best to get cool collectibles your way. We buy wholesale to get those newly released products out there, but we also constantly look for those special treasures in auctions, yard sales, stores, and private sellers (Contact us for a quote!) to offer you unique items you will not find anywhere else. Current and ongoing projects will add more ‘Playmobil’ to the category, but we are also keen to add ‘Lego’ to the selection very soon. We are also very glad to announce that we will be selling out-of-this-world posters covering a lot of different franchises, we have selected a grading company (Majesty Grading Company in the UK) to offer you a wide selection of graded cards from Pokémon to Sports cards, and we hope to add Yu-Gi-Oh! And Dragon Ball Z trading cards into the mix real soon. So be sure to keep an eye on that as well. 


Unfortunately, we lost some performance on the webshop, which is slightly noticeable. We are working hard to switch to a new web server, which will have a massive performance increase and will also make sure the shop never experiences any downtime. We are also looking into switching to a new template, but nothing has been decided on this yet. The current template doesn’t allow us to add ‘Date Added, newest to oldest’ to the majority of the categories. This also results in our new products being shown on the last pages instead of the first pages. Which we like to see changed in the future. 

Final Word:

We wanted to inform you that we are always glad to help anyone with any questions regarding the products, the site and everything that comes to mind. We strive to always be there for our customer and followers base. Whether you would like some additional information or even additional pictures of a specific product, or just want to talk collectibles, we make the effort of being there for you. Be sure to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram page for this, we do our best to provide these pages with unique Collectibles Ninja graphics for your entertainment. Those are also the environments where we will offer discounts and special promo’s for you. We thank you all for believing in us!

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